Our Story

Scentra was born from a powerful need to break free from the ties of conformity, to empower comfort with no compromises on style. We combined form with function and worked towards making comfy shoes more dressy, and dressy shoes more fun. Launched by two brothers, Siddharth Vij and Karan Vij, it was a true passion project that emerged from their love of fashion.

Scentra was the first shoemaker to blend fashion, art and science for an innovative line of relevant footwear. Our shoes smell like strawberries due to the infused insole technology developed in California that look good with jeans, tweeds or anything.

Designed in California and Manufacutred in our factories all around the world

What you wear says a lot about who you are. It shows to the world who you really are. Scentra is dedicated to making fashion easy on your wallet so you can focus on looking and feeling good!

Once again your favourite brand of Comfortable footwear is back with a bang in India. Scentra Spain has brought its most desirable collection of footwear, home décor, garments and accessories to its product line.

Sentra is a brand that redefines fashion, from the European to the American to the Asian markets. It has brought change to the way people look at fashion and is now redefining it.

About the founders:

Siddharth and Karan come from an industry that is steeped in tradition and full of opportunities. They have been exposed to all the possibilities that exist around us. They have traveled the world, seen how it functions, and learned how clothing can be an innovation instrument themselves. After years of exposure and experience, they felt the need to bring something new into the market which would truly make a difference.